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UK takes a stand at Aircraft Interiors Expo

For the first time, a dedicated stand featuring the best and brightest of UK cabin interiors firms will be exhibiting at the AIX show in Hamburg this April. The group effort comes from ADS, the leading trade organisation for companies in the UK aerospace, defence, security and space Sectors. Membership is made up of more than 1,000 UK registered businesses. Farnborough International Limited (FIL), which runs the Farnborough International Airshow, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADS Group Ltd. ADS formed Aircraft Interiors Group (AIG) to set goals for the UK cabin and interiors industry just under two years ago. It has since held seven meetings attended by various segments within the cabin interiors industry. The new UK stand willl represent the AIG. Gethin’s Inflight News has been involved from the beginning and is a member of this group. Gethin’s Inflight News has had great input into the Group, describing trends and challenges in the IFEC industry to other AIG members and encouraging greater interest in the IFEC segment and its importance globally and at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. AIG is now moving ahead with the stand at the AIX show showcasing the UK as a centre of interiors excellence, and is seeking exhibitors who would like to share space and facilities at the exhibition in Hamburg. ADS’ offering has attracted strong interest so far from member companies but ADS is keen to reach out to more companies and readers of Gethin’s Inflight News. The AIG has spent the last year or so identifying the size and scope of the UK market in aircraft interiors and is continuing with the ‘segmentation analysis work’. It has also focussed on the strengths of the UK interiors market, and the location of global companies within the UK. It is now focussing on having clear deliverables by looking at aims and development of the Group and covering the various segments in greater detail at meetings. The Group seeks guest speakers and suitable locations for future meetings at its members’ facilities in order to provide greater insights into the market and foster growth. The June meeting was held for example at Cranfield University and the November meeting for example was held at 3M facilities where members were provided with a tour of the facilities as well as participating in the Group meeting itself.

Enquiries:Robin Reed (Head of Sales & Sponsorship) Tel: +44 (0) 207 091 7818 Email: robin.reed@adsgroup.org.uk To join the AIG please contact the Secretary Mohammed Iqbal at mohammed.iqbal@adsgroup.org.uk

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