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Travel should be stopped because of Coronavirus say half of Brits in new poll

The travelling public wants more radical measures to be put in place to combat coronavirus. A study of 1000 adults in the UK indicates that half think all travel to and from the UK should be halted.

More than a quarter of those polled are worried about the effect the virus is going to have on their holiday plans, with 14 per cent thinking about cancelling or changing travel arrangements.

Nearly a quarter are planning to avoid using public transport and are thinking twice about attending large public gatherings such as gigs or sporting events.

Just under half (49 per cent) do not believe the UK Government is doing enough to contain the outbreak.

A third of those polled think Glastonbury Festival should be cancelled in a bid to prevent the virus spreading across the UK, while 33 per cent believe the same about this summer’s Olympics.

Almost three in 10 think Euro 2020 should be put on hold and 23 per cent even think Wimbledon should be scrapped.

OnePoll.com says, “Coronavirus has been in the background of our lives for six weeks, but it’s only over the last few days that it’s become something many are beginning to take seriously.

Previously, it was something affecting other countries – many of which most people wouldn’t have visited, so it was easy to put to the back of your mind.

But with several confirmed cases in the UK – a figure which is only likely to rise – people are now thinking more about the effect the virus could have the UK and their own lives.”

Almost a quarter will avoid seeing friends and family members who have been to a country affected by coronavirus while another 21 per cent will stay away from those who have cold or flu-like symptoms.

When it comes to work, two thirds of adults think those who can should be able to work from home to stop the spread, while 17 per cent say they or their business is cancelling or rearranging face-to-face meetings.

More than half will also call in sick to work and self-isolate at the first sign of a high temperature or cough, even if they haven’t been abroad or knowingly come into contact with someone who has.

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