• Sally Gethin

Top ten trends for air passengers in 2016

  1. More smartwatch apps to come from airlines following successful launches on Easyjet and KLM in 2015

  2. 3D digital content to become more available as immersive inseat entertainment on airlines following trials in 2015

  3. Inmarsat will ramp up development of the new S band European aviation network for inflight connectivity

  4. Satellite entrants Honeywell/OneWeb and Yahsat will develop new inflight wi-fi and broadband internet for passengers

  5. Next gen high speed inflight broadband Gogo 2Ku to enter revenue service offering passengers improved performance using their mobile devices

  6. Single aisle and narrowbody fleets will offer passengers more inflight entertainment to personal devices (PEDS) using wireless apps, portable and/or installed servers onboard

  7. Gesture control and more second screens to enter premium cabins enabling passengers greater control and choice over their entertainment options in the inseat screens and passenger control units

  8. E-commerce and ancillary revenues to become more popular in inseat and PEDS content

  9. Hollywood to relax Early Window content regulations for portable/mobile devices and PEDS

  10. More inseat power to be installed on aircraft of all types and in all cabins

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