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The multimillion dollar question of personalisation

Personalisation is looming large in the minds of inflight industry leaders. Last month a new report, Passenger Experience & IFEC Advisory Report was released by Terrapin, organiser of the successful Aviation Festival event

Airlines and influencers were asked this question:

How good are we as an industry at personalisation and which specific touchpoints could be improved in the airline industry? Here are their answers*:

ROSSEN DIMITROV Chief guest experience officer, WestJet One size doesn’t fit all. Some of the global trends are changing the airline industry. Some are a real threat to the connection between airlines and guests. We are seeing increased use of online channels for search and booking with the use of multiple devices, social media trends. Airlines need to adeptly manage digital innovation and use these technologies without losing personal touch with guests. We as airlines must be able to adapt and cater to variety of guests requiring different personalization, points of engagements and communication. Middle East airlines in particular spend a lot of time on training, personalization and engagement at all points of interaction with the global guests they fly. North American and European airlines tend to focus more on the digital experience rather than the personal person to person engagement.

DANIEL KERZNER Vice president, customer experience, Virgin Atlantic As an industry, we have a long way to go to offer customers truly personalized experiences. This goes far beyond giving the customer more choice, or even anticipating what they might be looking for and serving it up to them. Personalisation is about moving from basic transactions to meaningful interactions – knowing who our customers are, what’s important to them, and delivering on it in a seamless, authentic way.

JON NORRIS Senior director, corporate sales & marketing, Panasonic Avionics

PAULO MIRANDA Chief experience officer, Gol Airlines Not very good. We as an industry have billions of data points for customer travel, but we just started scratching the surface in terms of how to manage and how to use this data to create more meaningful personalization. Many areas could be improved – booking, airport processes, seat assignments, catering, luggage, etc.

PIIA KARHU SVP customer experience, Finnair There is a lot to improve. The industry needs to shift from transaction focus to customer focus. This is applicable to all touchpoints.

CALUM LAMING Chief customer officer, Vueling We have a significant way to go to achieve the personalisation of other industries. In general, all touchpoints of the customer industry could benefit from improved personalisation.


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