• Sally Gethin

Ten IFE developments in 2015

  1. Wireless IFE gains ground. AirFi launches portable IFE system on several airlines such as Adria, pictured above.

  2. In January 2015 Qatar Airways launches the first A350 with Thales Topseries AVANT inflight entertainment system and Sita OnAir connectivity into revenue service.

  3. JetBlue rolls out new digital wireless content including programming and magazines and even training to passengers with own devices onboard.

  4. Gogo obtains certification for its next-gen inflight connectivity system 2Ku and launches flight tests.

  5. Inmarsat launches a second satellite in February to pave the way for the new high speed ka band service GX for the aeronautical market.

  6. Qantas launches a 3D IFE trial onboard using Samsung headsets.

  7. Delta Air Lines places an order with Gogo for 2ku broadband installations on 250 aircraft.

  8. Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg attracts over 14,000 visitors.

  9. Air China tested Global Eagle Entertainment’s live tv service inflight.

  10. Emirates spends $20M a year on subsidising its free inflight connectivity service to customers, using AeroMobile, Panasonic and Sita OnAir, with rollout continuing on the A380 and B777 fleet.

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