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Napster audio content on Eurowings

Napster playlists and audiobooks for adults and children will launch on Eurowings this summer. The content will be streamed to passengers’ own devices such as smartphones and tablets (PEDS) from the BoardConnect system (from developer Lufthansa Systems) installed in the cabin.

This will provide an opportunity for passengers to discover new music through playlists, recommendations and advice. They will also be able to create their own individual playlists, preferred artists, albums and tracks, and store and manage them in the user archive.

In the introductory phase, Napster will offer passengers who register inflight, post-flight discounts of three months for the price of a single euro.

Napster also makes the content available across three devices per user. This enables the user to access the content through smartphones, tablets or computers with iOS, Android or Windows operating systems.

The premium service also allows users to download individual songs, albums, or playlists to access offline.

Once registered, Napster customers will gain access offline to an ad-free catalog of more than 40 million music tracks, and over 15,000 audio books of all genres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Napster vice president of business development Europe Patric Niederländer says, ‘Napster has always stood for innovation. We are pleased to have developed, together with our partner Lufthansa Systems, an attractive proposition … into another business segment. Our aim is to offer all music lovers the best and most multifaceted listening experience – whether on the ground or in the air.’

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